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End of semester storage

A one-stop shop for summer storage. We will provide packing materials (boxes, tape, labels, etc.), provide residence hall pick up, storage for the summer, and a Fall return, all for a one-time fee.

Ship To School

Have your items arrive at your new address the day you arrive at school. No matter if you’re sending items from home or purchasing new ones, live on or off-campus, or are a new customer or a previous customer, we have you covered.

Packing Assistance

This is a service you can add to any pack-it. We have a dedicated team to pack up your belongings in your absence while you can choose to join via a live recording.

Hands for Hire

For those who need an extra set of hands and/or equipment on moving day, Summer Pack-It will have movers available for you.

Packing Materials

Need packing materials and not storage? Order the packing supplies you need here.

Vehicle Storage

Need to store a car for a month or longer? We offer a great option for both short-term and long-term car storage!

Study Abroad

Studying abroad this semester? Enjoy a stress-free move out by signing up for our Study Abroad Storage service. This service includes hand delivery of our Pack-It moving kit, pickup from your dorm or apartment, storage, and delivery when you return, and flexibility to go along with your busy schedule. Give us a call to get started.

Ship Home

Do you have items that you plan to bring back home, for whatever reason? Sign up for our Ship Home service, and we'll send empty boxes to you. Just pack and schedule a pickup and we'll ship them to your home.

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