Ship to School

Whether you're heading off to college for the first time or you're returning to school after a great summer, getting your items to college can be a hassle. Fortunately, Summer Pack-It knows exactly what you're dealing with.

We can help you by having your items arrive at your new address the day you arrive at school. No matter if you are sending items from home or purchasing new ones, live on or off-campus, or are a new customer or a previous customer, we got you covered.

Ship items from a company (or home) to our office:

  1. Register for your ship to school service at
  2. Order your items from any company that you wish to purchase and have them shipped to us
  3. Address these items to your student's name along with ATTN: Summer Pack-It to our office address
  4. Make sure to email our office and let us know how many items we will be receiving
  5. We store your items in our warehouse and then deliver them to you when you arrive at school

If you have suitcases or your own boxes or duffel bags, not a problem, you can send them to us.

Once your items have shipped, please email us the total count of boxes/items so that we can make sure they all arrive at our office.

Feel free to have online purchases shipped directly to us, but make sure the companies address these items with your name, and ATTN: Summer Pack-It.

If shipping boxes from home to our office, please make sure that all boxes/items are clearly marked on all sides in marker with your name, and ATTN Summer Pack-It.

Ship to School Receiving, Storage & Delivery Pricing

There is a base price of $15 for us to hold your items. This is a one-time charge and must be paid at the time of your booking. The pricing below is the cost for us to consolidate (if needed), put them away at our warehouse, and deliver. You will receive a photo confirmation of packed items. To avoid any delays in your delivery, please make payments 36-48 hours before your arrival.

The pricing is as follows :

Price Category Dimesions
$15 small 16x10x10
$20 medium 18x14x12
$30 large 20x20x15
$50 xl 23.5x7x38.5

Furniture and oversized items, depending on size, are usually between $75-$100


*Any items over 70lbs will receive a $40 overweight surcharge

*If we move your “Ship to school” items past the ground floor, a moving fee of $35 will be applied at the time of delivery

*You will receive your Ship to School items on the Friday or Saturday before school starts for free. All other dates are subject to a $65 charge

When We Deliver

No matter if you're an early bird who's packing months in advance or a late riser who's packing up at the last second, we'll store your boxes and deliver your belongings to your dorm, apartment, or house when you arrive at school. Our delivery dates always coincide with the first day that residence halls are open to incoming freshmen.

Most colleges and universities will NOT accept shipments to residence halls early. Summer Pack-It stores them for you until the residence halls open!

Contact us

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