SPI's Guide to Packing

  1. Start packing your items ahead of time. Don't wait until the last minute – you'll be surprised how long it takes! The more time you give yourself, the more organized you'll be!
  2. Begin with items that you are not currently using and can be packed right away (like winter clothes and decor).
  3. Make sure to set up your boxes correctly! Tape your boxes securely using several pieces. Tape along the seams on the top and bottom, with the edges of tape extending 4 – 5 inches onto the sides of the box. If the box is extra heavy, add a few more pieces of tape across the bottom that go perpendicular to the seam and again extend onto the sides. Three strips along the center work well too.
  4. DO NOT overpack your box with heavy items (books, glass, etc.). The heavier a box is, the harder it is to lift and move them, and the more likely they are to break open!
  5. If you have plastic containers or bins, use them! Pack them full and tape them shut. Plastic containers and bins are very sturdy and are more effective than boxes at protecting your items.
  6. Tag and label any plastic containers and bins with your full name on one side.
  7. If you are packing fragile items, please make sure to use plenty of packing material to cushion them. Bedding, towels, T-shirts, bubble wrap, or the newspaper can all work, but beware of printed newspaper; the ink can dirty your items and may stain clothing. We offer bubble wrap for sale and if you request it, we can deliver it ahead of time with your boxes and tape.
  8. Packing fragile items incorrectly will result in denied damage claims. We are not liable nor will we open boxes.
  9. Make sure to label boxes with your full name on one side. With fragile or breakable items, write the word “Fragile” on all 4 sides and the top of the box as well so we will know not to stack other items on top.
  10. For items you will want right away in your new residence, mark them "Open First." It will serve as a great reminder for you.
  11. You do not need to repack large items like mini-fridges, bikes, golf clubs, hampers, snowboards, small furniture, shelves, skateboards, etc. They are fine the way they are, just tag and label with your full name.
  12. Tape random items of the same size, like mops and brooms together, as they'll be easier to move, store and handle.
  13. Don't pack your cleaning supplies or vacuum cleaners until everything else is packed up. You will want to do a final cleaning after all the items are moved out of your residence hall room, apartment, or house. *We do not recommend packing cleaning supplies or any liquids, but if you do we are not liable for spills that may occur prior or during the transportation your items.
  14. Please make sure to unplug and defrost refrigerators and icemakers several days ahead of time. Once they're off, prop the doors open so they don't start to smell.
  15. To effectively store your memory foam mattress, use two boxes. Build one box for the base and build the second box to use as a top.
  16. When packing your television, pack TV in an original / specially ordered box. Make sure that the television is secured and will not shift inside the box. Ensure that nothing is pressed against the screen of your TV.
  17. As for your large area rugs, roll your rug tightly and tape it securely in at least three places. Both ends and the middle. Lamps: Remove light bulbs and cover the lamp shade with a plastic bag.
  18. Make sure that you pack and transport valuables like cash, jewelry, collectibles, and family heirlooms. These items are expensive and very valuable to you and you should not trust anyone, including a moving company, to move them.
  19. If storing a microwave, remove the glass tray inside and wrap in a blanket.
  20. Don't pack your passport up! Take it with you.
  21. Don't stress, we're here to help when we come to pick up your items if you need us.

Additional Tips for Off-Campus Students

  1. Keep lighter items in your dressers and drawers. As long as the furniture is sturdy and the items are not too heavy, extremely loose, or fragile, it is easier to move your items in the furniture. We will shrink wrap the drawers shut so they don't flip open.
  2. If you have bed frames you can take apart ahead of time, please do. Also, make sure to label each piece.
  3. Empty all drawers of any furniture of heavy or small items. They can cause the item to break or they can fall out when moving it.
  4. If we are moving or storing a full apartment or house for you, label boxes and items by room. This way when we deliver your items, it will be easier for you and us to put them where they need to be.
  5. If more than one student is going in on a move or storage, mark boxes and items with the SAME name but use a special note to distinguish between the boxes. This way we can keep all your items together, then when we deliver them, everyone will know which items are whose.
  6. We reserve the right to not move any item. This usually happens when there is a risk of damaging the walls of the residence or the item itself if it's oversized or way too heavy (Examples would be couches, sleeper couches, large desks, safes, etc.) and trying to move these items up small staircases or through odd doorways.

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