Can I purchase an individual unit? 
We do not offer the purchase of individual units.

Can I store my furniture?
Yes. Currently we are only storing small furniture items (futons, dorm size desks, small chairs). These items are counted as a  personal item.

Can I store my bicycle, skis and other sports equipment?
Yes. These items will count towards your personal item. You are able to add additional personal items for $20.00 each.

Are there restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?
We do not store large furniture items such as: sofa, sofa bed (we will store futons), large office desks, file cabinets, vehicles, etc.

Not sure if we will store something? Contact us.

Are your storage facilities climate controlled?
All of our storage facilities are climate controlled and under 24 hour surveillance.

What if I don’t use all of the boxes that are provided to me?
Once ordered, the boxes are yours to keep.  Our staff can remove any unused boxes during pickup.

I’m not sure I’ll need all the boxes in the Pack-it. Is their an option for me?
Yes. On occasion future roommates will split the cost of a Pack-It. However, packing materials will be delivered, belongings will be picked up and returned to ONE location. Also, payment must be processed on one card.

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