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How does your service work?

Visit the Purchase A Pack-It page to select the Pack-It that’s right for you. Your packing materials will then be delivered to you based on the date of your choice. On your scheduled pick-up date  we will meet you at your dorm and take your packed boxes to storage. Your belongings will be redelivered to you during your University’s official move-in weekend. (Pack-Its that need to be delivered prior to this date will incur a $60.00 charge)

I have plastic containers. Do I have to use your boxes?

No! You can replace a box with every plastic bin you have. For example, if you order our Best Value Pack-It (9 boxes and 1 free personal item)  but have four plastic containers, we will send you five boxes instead of nine.

*Be sure to mark this in the additional notes field on the checkout form. 


Can I purchase an individual unit? 
We do not offer the purchase of individual units.

Can I store my furniture?
Yes. Currently we are only storing small furniture items (futons, dorm size desks, small chairs). These items are counted as a  personal item.

Can I store my bicycle, skis and other sports equipment?
Yes. These items will count towards your personal item. You are able to add additional personal items for $20.00 each.

Are there restrictions on the types of things that can be stored?
We do not store large furniture items such as: sofa, sofa bed (we will store futons), large office desks, file cabinets, vehicles, etc.

Not sure if we will store something? Contact us.

Are your storage facilities climate controlled?
All of our storage facilities are climate controlled and under 24 hour surveillance.

What if I don’t use all of the boxes that are provided to me?
Once ordered, the boxes are yours to keep.  Our staff can remove any unused boxes during pickup.

I’m not sure I’ll need all the boxes in the Pack-it. Is their an option for me?
Yes. On occasion future roommates will split the cost of a Pack-It. However, packing materials will be delivered, belongings will be picked up and returned to ONE location. Also, payment must be processed on one card.


What size boxes are provided? 
Our packing boxes are 18x18x24 . *Slightly taller and wider than a standard size mini-fridge.

Do you provide packing supplies?
Yes. When purchasing a Pack-It you receive boxes, tape, and a marker.

Where, when and how will my Pack-It be delivered?
Our team will hand deliver your packing materials to your resident hall or apartment  based on the scheduled date of your choice.


Do you pick-up directly at my door?
Yes, we meet you directly at your door.

I don’t know my fall address. Can I still purchase your services? 
Yes. Prior to the start of the semester, we follow up with our customers to update any changes that may have occurred post registration.

I need a different pickup and/or delivery date than the one listed. Can you help?
Sure. There will be a $60 fee for items that require pickup and/or redelivery outside your College or University’s official move-in weekend. *This does not apply to Residential Life staff.


How much do your services cost?
Please visit our Purchase A PackIT page.

Do you accept cash?
No. We accept Paypal, Credit/Debit cards only.

Can I cancel my service?
Yes. You are able to cancel your order 24 hours prior to receiving your packing materials for a full refund. Otherwise a partial refund will be given.

Are there any additional fees?
Additional fees are incurred when packing tips are not followed, resulting in added work for our team. Example: A fridge that has not been defrosted or cleaned.

Returning your items outside of your University Official move-in  weekend will incur a $60 charge.



Keep your belongings safe
Almost all damage during moving occurs because of improperly packed boxes. Consider the following suggestions when packing your boxes for pick up and Storage.

  • Pack evenlyTo ensure the safety of your items and to avoid breaking your box, we suggest that you distribute your heavier items evenly throughout all of your boxes.
  • Pack fragile items securely – Place your fragile items in the center of your boxes with soft items such as clothes and blankets surrounding them. Make sure that the fragile items are snug in place and cannot shift around.
  • Properly close and tape your boxes – When building and sealing your boxes, you should use three strips of the provided tape for both the top and the bottom of the box.
  • Plastic Drawers – Make sure to tape the drawers securely shut. Items stored inside your drawers should be packed snugly so they do not shift in transit.
  • Refrigerator – Unplug your refrigerator and leave the doors open at least 2 days prior to your selected move out day. This is to ensure that it has completely defrosted and dried so that it does not mold and leak water on your other items. Wrap the cord up and tape it securely behind the coils so that it does not drag or tear. Make sure to secure the drawers and shelves inside as they may shift during the move. Please keep in mind that a fee will be assessed if not defrosted adequately due to the additional handling needed by our movers before it’s placed into storage.
  • Television – We recommend that you use the original packaging materials for your television so that it will be covered under insurance. If not possible, wrap your television in moving blankets or towels. Make sure that the television is secured and does not shift inside of the box. Also make sure that nothing is putting pressure on the screen of the TV. TV’s can be stored outside of a box, but will not be insured. Only TVs packed properly in their original packaging will be covered under the insurance.
  • Futon – You may wrap your mattress in plastic in order to keep the dust & bed bugs out.
  • Microwaves – Remove the glass tray inside your microwave and pack it securely in one of your boxes. Use a blanket towel or bubble wrap to protect it.
  • Rugs – Roll your rug tightly and tape it securely in at least 3 places.  Wrap it in plastic if you would like to keep the dust out.
  • Lamps – Remove light bulbs and cover lamp shades with a plastic bag to keep them clean.

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